We're now 20% bigger!

The practice list size has grown from around 700-750 permanent patients in April 2006 to just under 900 patients now.

To cope with the extra workload, we have extended the doctor's consulting times to allow up to 100 patients to see the doctor each week without having to 'double up'* any appointments.

We are also hoping to employ a technician to take bloods and do blood pressures. This will free up more time for patients to see the doctor and practice nurse.

Thank you to all the patients who have made the effort to come to the surgery instead of having a home visit. This helps us to be one of the few practices in the country that sees all patients the same day, while still allowing patients to book appointments in advance if they prefer.

* 'Doubling up' is when we squeeze two (or more) patients into an appointment slot. We do this to make sure that everyone can still be seen the same day without having to wait. However, this means less time for each patient, and often results in the clinic running late.