New lights


The electrician should be coming on Monday (18th June, 2007) to fit the new lighting for the practice.

I've always hated fluorescent overhead lights, and the ones in the practice are the old-style ones which are particularly ugly and prone to headache-inducing glare.

To replace them, we'll be using ceiling mounted spot lights. We can't mount them into the actual ceiling because we would have to remove too much of the roof insulation for fire safety reasons.

However, Ikea do nice spot lights mounted on a ceiling track that should produce a pleasant, warm light in the practice with minimum glare.

Book writing

I'm busy writing a new book just now, and my publisher has given me a deadline of the end of July, so Rosemary Wright and Jurgen Tittmar will kindly be carrying out all of the surgeries until the end of July. I'll still be on call at times, and I'll be about at the surgery doing paperwork and generally trying to avoid actually writing the book!

Robbie Coull

Practice manager leaves

As many of you know already, Gill McCormick the practice manager is no longer working with us. Sadly Gill had to be dismissed last month, which means more work for the rest of the team at the practice.

We'll be looking for a new practice manager later in the year.