New coat of paint

As recent visitors will have noticed over the last week the painters have been in.

It's the first new coat of paint since the practice was built as far as I am aware (which is what? 15 years?).

Finally the waiting room no longer looks as if it has been the victim of a grenade attack, and the practice in general looks and smells clean and fresh.

There are still two rooms to paint - the dispensary and the reception area. These will be being painted this Wednesday and Thursday (the 4th and 5th of October 2006), and they will cause the most disruption, as we will have to remove all the shelving units from the dispensary (so if at all possible, try and avoid asking for or collecting repeat prescriptions on those days).

New dispensing hatch

We've got our new dispensing hatch in now. It looks great, and means that patients can deal direct with the dispensary when ordering/collecting prescriptions.

I'm hoping that Liz with say a few words about the new hatch, and if so I'll post them here.