QuickRead Go CRP Blood Test machine

Orion Diagnostica QuikRead go CRP, CRP+Hb and hsCRP+Hb test procedure video  - YouTube 

Thanks to the amazing work of the patients and staff in Strachur area for raising the money to purchase and run our QuickRead Go blood test machine.

Strachur Medical Practice is one of the first practices in Scotland to get one of these machines.  

The machine can test for inflammation levels in the blood in 2 minutes with a thumb prick.  This is vital in remote communities because it is an early marker for serious infections such as pneumonia and sepsis, and early diagnosis saves lives.

It costs about £3 per test to run the machine, but our patients have already donated enough money to keep us going for a year or so.  Since the nearest CRP machine is in Inverclyde Hospital a 1 hour drive and ferry journey, it will also save Strachur patients time and money by avoiding them having to travel to hospital as often.

The machine can also measure Heamoglobin levels to check for anaemia, and can test in 7 minutes for the dangerous Strep.a throat infections (compared with waiting days for a swab result to come back). 

Thanks again to our patients and staff for all the hard work (including a Loch swim!) to raise the money to fund this service.