I take it all back

The manager from the Health Board Estates department came up to see us and could not have been more helpful this time.

The Health Board have authorised us to get in John Brown of Strone to do most of the work, and the Health Board will organise the rest.

So over the next few weeks we will be getting:

  • the treatment room door (rotten) replaced

  • dispensary shelving to store drugs

  • new shelving for our notes (which were scattered all over the place)

  • broken door locks replaced

  • the sinks that didn't work fixed

  • the toilet fixed

  • the rusty railings repainted

  • the rusty/damaged gates repaired and repainted

  • the gate posts repainted

  • the grounds repaired

  • the parking spaces repainted, including adding a second disabled/parent and baby space at the front

  • the rooms repainted

Of course, this will mean some disruption as we get around 16 years worth of maintenance work done in the space of a few weeks, but it will be well worth it in the end.