At the Strachur Medical Practice we provide a wide range of GP medical services. 

Medical Consultations
Urgent medical problems can usually be seen the same or next day.
You can also book an appointment in advance with the doctor, usually up to 3 months in advance.

Telephone Consultations
You can book a telephone consultation with the doctor. 

Chronic Conditions
Our Practice Nurse sees patients with long term illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, or depression.  Our aim is to prevent complications and keep you as well as possible for as long as possible.

Family planning / Sexual Health
Our Practice Nurses are happy to advise anyone on contraception, sexual health, or any other aspect of family planning.

Ante-natal care
We are able to Ante-natal care is provided by the local midwifes, based in Dunoon.  They are supported by the obstetric team in Greenock.  The GP or Practice Nurse would be more than happy to refer you to the midwifery service.  

Child health surveillance
If you have any questions about childhood vaccinations or health screening, speak to our Practice Nurse.

Well person screening
We are able to give health advice, prevention, and screening for important medical problems to our patients.

Ear syringing
Our Practice Nurse uses a Pro-Pulse ear syringing machine.  It is low-pressure pulsed warm water which is the comfortable, safe way to have your ears syringed.

Wound care including post-op staples / suture removal

Flu Clinic

Warfarin Monitoring
Our Practice Nurse can test your INR while you wait and adjust your warfarin dose for you.

Tests and investigations
Blood tests
Cardiograms (12 lead ECG)
Cardiac event monitoring
Mini-spirometry (breathing test)
24 hour Blood Pressure monitoring
Overnight oximetry (sleep studies)

Travel advice
Our Practice Nurse provides up-to-date travel advice, and you can have any vaccinations you need from our nurse.  There is a per-visit/family fee which is not covered by the NHS.  

If we are unable to provide a medical service ourselves, we will try to refer you to a provider that can.


We are pro-active in our screening and prevention. We can do this because we are computerized, and so we know exactly (or we should!) what has and has not been done for each of our patients.

This means that rather than waiting for our patients to come to us, we call the patients to ask them to attend for screening and prevention.

Depending on your age and medical history, your screening may includes any or all of the following:
- Cardiac / Stroke Risk Calculation
- Blood Pressure Check
- 24hr Blood Pressure Check
- Cholesterol screening
- Thyroid screening
- Diabetes screening
- Weight
- Lifestyle advice (diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, other drugs, safe sexual activity)
- Cardiogram (12 lead ECG)
- Cardiac Event Monitor (to pick up heart rhythm problems)
- Oxygen measurement (Spo2)
- Breathing test (Spirometry)
- Overnight Breathing Test (Modified Sleep Study)
- Cervical smear test
- Breast examination advice
- Prostate screening

We have a contract with NHS Highland (Argyll
CHP) to provide NHS General Medical
Services (GMS).
We provide all of the essential NHS GP services
for patients.  Fees may apply where a service is not covered by the NHS.