More appointments available

We are seeing more and more requests for appointments to see the GP.   We want to make sure that all patients can get seen the same day if at all possible, so we are going to update our appointment schedule.

In July 2011, we usually had 16 GP appointments available per day.  We increased that to 20 appointments per day in August 2011.  On busy days that is still not enough and we have often had to 'double' up appointments.  This is mainly an issue with Dr Coull's clinics, which are busier.  To make sure that we have enough appointments for everyone who wants to be seen by Dr Coull, he will now have between 25 and 29 appointments per day. 

To make this possible, Dr Coull will be booking 10 minute appointments rather than 15 minute appointments.  Patients should not usually notice a difference, as Dr Coull will move paperwork and routine dispensing checks to later in the day.   However, at times patients may notice the practice is busier and that there is a little less time with the doctor.  This was already happening when patients were being 'doubled up' before, and the new appointments should make this less noticeable.

If you have any questions or comments about the improvements, please don't hesitate to ask.