We issue most repeat prescriptions monthly with a re-order slip. Please re-order your repeat medications at least 3 working days in advance. This allows us to order your medication from our wholesaler and carry out our safety checks.

You can now order your repeat medications online via PatientAccess

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If you are not yet registered for EMIS Access, you can still hand your re-order slip in to reception, post it to us, put it through our letterbox by hand, or fax it to us on 01369 860225.

If you misplace your repeat slip, you can ask at reception for a replacement.

Medications that don't appear on your re-order form

You may be on a medication which you would like more of, but the medication is not listed on your repeat order form.

Usually this is because the GP wants to carry out extra safety checks before you receive more of the medication.  For example, where a new medication requires review or blood tests are needed to monitor the medication.

These are called Special Request Prescriptions.   You can request more of these medications in writing or in person, but please provide at least 3 working days notice to allow the GP to check the request before it goes to the dispensary.

Be aware, you may be asked to make an appointment with the GP or Practice Nurse before you receive more of the medication.

Our Practice Dispensary

We are a dispensing practice, so you're prescription will usually be ordered by our Dispensary Technician and checked by the GP so you can collect your medication from the practice dispensary hatch during normal opening hours.  As a small dispensary, we do have a limited stock, so unusual or hard to source medications may take a little longer.  Occasionally, we may need to give you a prescription to take to a pharmacy for dispensing. 

Telephone Orders

Sadly, we no longer are able to take prescription requests by telephone.

We understand this can cause patients inconvenience at times, but many NHS practices have now stopped telephone orders due to safety concerns from the risk of dispensing errors and confidentiality breaches.