You can book online for an appointment to see the nurse or doctor.

To register for our online appointment booking service you will need a registration letter which you can obtain from our reception desk.

Register or login to book an appointment online.

If you are not yet registered for EMIS Access, then you can book a face-to-face or telephone appointment by phoning the main practice number (01369 860224)

Appointment times:

The GP consults face-to-face by appointment weekdays usually between 9.30am-11.30am and 3pm-5pm except Thursday half-day.  Clinic times may vary start and end times depending on the doctor consulting that day.

The Practice Nurse consults by appointment, usually between 9am and 12pm weekdays and 3pm - 5pm on Fridays.

Our appointments are booked every 15 minutes.  If you think you will require more time, let reception know when booking the appointment.  If a 30 minute or longer appointment is not available on the day you want to be seen, you might be asked to attend more than once to cover everything you need to discuss.
You can opt for an in-person appointment at the practice or a telephone appointment.

Walk In Clinics:

On occasions the GP will run a walk-in-clinic in place of appointments - for example during holiday seasons, or if the GP has been called away to an emergency, is attending a professional meeting, or to testify in Court as a professional witness, etc..

Patients turning up to be seen in the Walk In Clinic will usually be seen in order of arrival (except, for example, where an emergency patient takes priority).

To improve waiting times during Walk-In-Clinics, patients will usually be limited to one problem per visit.  For any non-urgent problems you will be offered a follow up appointment.

Evening Clinics:

The GP provides a monthly Evening Clinic, which usually runs from 4.30pm to 6.30pm and is for patients who find it hard to attend during the day (for example, because of work commitments).

If you would like to attend an evening appointment, please ask the receptionist when the next Evening Clinic is scheduled.