New Centrifuge arrives

Our new centrifuge arrived this week.

We had to pay for it ourselves (the Health Board does not fund them) and it cost us around £800, but it means that for the first time the practice will be able to do kidney function blood tests.

Kidney function blood tests (U+Es) are essential. They let you check on the salts in the blood that can be affected by medications such as water tablets (diuretics such as furosemide or bendrofluazide), blood pressure tablets (such as lisinopril). In extreme cases, if not monitored properly over months or years, changes to the potassium salt in the blood from some medications can lead to heart problems. This can include, rarely, sudden death.

Without a centrifuge to prepare the blood sample before it is sent to the lab, the sample spoils and the result is useless.

Now with the new centrifuge, we can get accurate blood test results no matter when the sample is taken. This will avoid the risks of salt imbalances in patients taking such medications.

If you are on blood pressure tablets and would like to check if you need a U+E blood test, please call the surgery to discuss your medication.